Aragnon is/was a very arrogant user on GitHub. Some particular highlights of Aragnon's GitHub activity include:

  1. nixpkgs#5240
  2. IJulia.jl#398
  3. nixpkgs#11378
  4. py4j#181
  5. bundler#4433
  6. kafka-rest#182
  7. kafka-rest#177
  8. kafka-rest#176

Choice quotes:

  1. The only distinction which matters is whether or not it is already as good as it can be.

  1. Trying again is a ridiculous solution. I can't stop laughing at how idiotic that suggestion is.

  1. And, to add to that, I intensely hate people who point at "community standards".

  1. I think you are the one who does not get who is providing a free service to who.

  1. "The Java server", as if there is only one running on the system. ROFL.

  1. Annoying if reality doesn't match your fantasy, isn't it?

  1. Sorry, anyone who distributes such a blatantly broken tool is a random person to me.

  1. You make this mistake repeatedly, which makes you look bad.

  1. There are some things which are impossible; this isn't one of them.

  1. I don't care about help on this topic anymore, but I would like to see it fixed. Unsubscribing.