What is hoot?

If you're seeing this, it is likely you clicked a link from Reddit after a bot told you it had re-posted a thread on this website. You might want to know what this is.

Hoot is a way to share stories and news articles and discussions with people you care about, in a way where you are in control. It does this by having a federated model (built on top of lotide, using activitypub). Hoot can talk to a lotide server, and lotide servers talk to each other. It can be considered similar to Reddit, but where different communities can be hosted on different servers instead of all being on Reddit's servers. These communities can also interract with each other without having to worry about making a new account for every server under the sun.

If you have a gmail account, you can send a message to someone with a hotmail account, and they can reply. Those email services use different servers and are run by different people, but you can still send email back and forth without issue. Hoot does this as a link aggregator.

How do I contribute?

  • You could simply post and reply to other peoples posts.
  • You could start a new community
  • You could tell your friends about this
  • You could submit bugs here