There is one slight issue with the #Fediverse that #Peertube and #Soapbox's each solve aspects of.

I think it'd be nice if the #Fediverse felt more like a social network rather that a collection of social media sites that just so happen to connect to each other. I think this can be easily achieved by having a "neutral site" where one can easily browse content on the #Fediverse before signing up or logging in. fixes the first part. It's a neutral site where anyone can login. I personally view it as "the Fediverse website" because of how universal and neutral it is. However, you can't browse the #Fediverse while using it, because you have to log in first, and you can't sign up through the site either.

#Peertube's interface presents itself in a way that lets you browse content across the network, which is awesome...but there's no neutral frontend. You can't just go to "the peertube site" and login to whatever #Peertube site you use to post.

Here is, I suppose, the criteria I think FEs need to meet in order to solve this "problem":

  1. Allow content across the network to be browsed without logging in. Not even #Twitter has this, but #YouTube and #Twitch do this really well.
  2. Allow users to sign in using any server they wish.
  3. Allow users to sign up on any server they wish and then use the FE afterwards.