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Do you want this war America? Are you ready to sink to the bottom in a water grave as fish food for some pointless ideals your leaders don't give a shit about. You ready to die for leaders that see you as nothing more than a bottom line waiting to be exploited.

Are you ready to lay down your life for leaders that are thieves, pedophiles, rapists and murderers.

Are you ready to fight the red dragon as your leaders don't care about feeding your children, fix your infrastructure, give you healthcare, access to guaranteed education, feeding the 32 percent of your nations familes who face hunger, who creates living conditions so bad that half your population has to be pumped full of anti depressants.

Your country is dying by the hands of your leaders and they are willing to send your sons and daughters into a watery grave.

Can you afford to destroy the world and your country dear sons and daughters of America?   [Collected]