Comment on The Fake Xinjiang Allegations Caused me to Lose my Job & Friends

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I don't have a concrete answer for that I think. I think it's being a socialist party for your own people first and then focussing on other countries. It's sometimes hard to do both, especially when most marxist parties in the west don't have a majority in their governments or simply lack the resources for it. That being said, there are ways to help people in the global south. Supporting activists through Patreon for example or looking for organizations that do groundwork in developing nations. China is helping countries with their Belt and Road initiative.

Also, like you said yourself, there are not that many real, big communist parties in the west. A lot of leftist parties are socdem at best and they don't really have the intention to help the global south.

It's a shame really, but now that you mentioned it I will try to see if things can be done within my party regarding this.