Comment on The Fake Xinjiang Allegations Caused me to Lose my Job & Friends

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I'm probably going to spend my time improving my Chinese and recording some stuff for SWCC to put on YouTube for people to listen to. I'm very out of my depth when it comes to socialist parties in the West. Whenever I hear about them it seems I first have to read a crash course on the many schisms and the antagonist attitudes that specific communist party has against other parties.

I have trouble wrapping my head around all this infighting. The CPC, again, for example, is able to work together with even the most polar opposite ideology and stay amicable and be able to work towards a common purpose with that other party even if that other party has a well-documented history of white terror. Why aren't communist parties able to collaborate when 95%+ of their points align?

TBH, I wish I knew some communist developers. It shouldn't be difficult to create a social action platform that allows for resources to accumulate transnationally. Being able to create a (vague) heat map of communist parties and their member spread would allow social movements to get kickstarted. A communist could be living across the street and I'd never know it. But if you allowed people to register themselves on a website with a non-specific location and then gave them the ability to fill-in the distance they'd be willing to travel to take part in a rally, or whatever, you'd make it much easier to organize across party lines and even tap from the community. I'm not suggesting Communist Tinder, but knowing that there are people within your vicinity that you could ally with or being made familiar with different movements/projects would be helpful, even if merely education.