RetroDECK 0.7.6b - Tiny PPSSPP Hotkey Update

This a minor update with PPSSPP fixes

Note: If you have logged in to RetroAchivements on PPSSPP you might need to do so again.



No other emulator updates??!

We are going to release a 0.7.7b soonish, with the rest of the emulators.

We are just waiting for a upstream fix in a certain emulator before we ship it (we have submitted the commit).

New Features

PPSSPP - Controller and Hotkey improvements

  • The press Escape to Open Menu bind have been removed.
  • Many of the standard combos and radial buttons now work

The upstream bug of combo hotkeys in the PPSSPP flatpak is now fixed. You no longer need to press Escape button bind / radial button to Open Menu.

Thanks to this fix, everything is now mapped as it should in uniformity with the other emulators where possible. The following binds are available:

  • Quit Emulator
  • Open Menu
  • Save State
  • Load State
  • Previous / Next State
  • Fastforward
  • Rewind
  • Rapid Fire Toggle
  • Speed Toggle
  • Record Video
  • Fullscreen Toggle
  • Emulator Screenshot

The wiki will be updated sometime today to reflect the changes.

Bugfixes & other changes

  • Added more Easter Egg Boot logos for some Holidays (we won’t spoil them)
  • Some pipeline fixes for 0.7.7b and 0.8b