I fail to understand why I keep getting kicked/banned from leftist communities. All I did in that community was talk about the BRI, share my reading list, and fascinate about the guoxin-1: China's first deep-sea fish farm that's as large as an aircraft carrier. As well as talk to another person about how Chinese media could do a better job at outreach.

To these self-hating leftists, you can apparently only discuss China when they're dunking on the West. But when you talk about the BRI, Moderate Prosperity, XJP's New Era, or what have you: you get promptly done away with.

I now understand why none of the reading lists in Socialist groups don't include anything recent or from the third world. These people are stuck in the past and only want to lever the actions of AES states to support their own moribund view of their world and their socialist causes.

I just wanted to make some friends on the left.

What's up Western left? I didn't even post anything, check REVeddit to that subreddit and have already been banned.

Why can I only talk about anything China-related if it's in relationship to the West? Are China and the CPC only a foil to Western leftists to promote their own form of socialism?