You see, I've found a company in Poland that seems to offer a similar service here.

This is their website:

The thing is, they have put in requirements for example what you can get withyour GPA. Also what is interesting, they offer an intense Chinese learning course before studying begins. (The article didn't mention that about the Vietnamese agencies, just that they also provide teaching services)

But still, I'm a bit concerned to know if this is a good choice. The students in the article seem to have struggled with their studies, and I'm in quite a similar situation as they were at the beginning. My fascination with China is quite recent, and I have unfortunately no knowledge of Chinese. Now I think enrolling might be a bad idea, due to the high fee and risk I might undertake onto myself, still I'm not sure if I should try or not.

Have you heard of stories like that, or know of students who enrolled in these ways?