Comment on Valve: don’t expect a faster Steam Deck ‘in the next couple of years’ ⁨6⁩ ⁨months⁩ ago

That’s good. A Steam Deck 2 might make sense once there’s an APU with double the performance at the same 15W.

Current APU’s are faster per watt, but only at higher power consumption. This means either the battery life sucks, or the handheld is too heavy and expensive with a giant battery.

The current handhelds by other manufacturers are faster, but only a bit. 120Hz are nice, but I don’t even reach 60fps on most titles and it consumes too much power. Games might perform a bit better but everything is still also playable on the SD, so there’s no real point in releasing a second generation. All these devices fill the same niche.

What I expect is a refresh of the SD with an OLED display. Maybe even with VRR and HDR, now that SteamOS has support for it. Farther down the wish list are hall effect joysticks.