Comment on Talking about Socialism with Chinese Characteristics keeps getting me booted from Leftists communities

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This is the video that got me introduced (SCMP). Then I've read this article (in Chinese, but you can translate it).

It's absolutely fascinating. This is all because China is trying to improve the health of its coastal waters and rivers, which until a few years ago were contaminated beyond what's sustainable due to their quickly developing aquaculture industry. Now they've set quotas on how many fish can be farmed to protect the carrying capacity of their waters. As a result, they've started to import a lot more fish and fish prices have increased. Ventures like these are there to alleviate that.

The deep seas are like deserts: devoid of life. While fish farming introduces pollutants (fish excrement and left-over food) into the water that chokes up lakes/coasts/rivers, these extra nutrients cause algal blooms that kill the native fish. This issue is however entirely none existent in the deep seas as those places have such a deficit of nutrients that their pollutants will actually foster and improve the carrying capacity of the places wherever these large ships decide to anchor.