Comment on Talking about Socialism with Chinese Characteristics keeps getting me booted from Leftists communities

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And probably one business will control the entire industry, so it will have huge power over the food supply.

Luckily we're talking about China and not the USA. Let's count our lucky stars that Capitalists don't innovate to the extent that socialists do. Otherwise, they would've already automated and enslaved the human race.

We can produce fertilizers renewably by taking the resources for literal air and waste, the problem is that the cost of doing so is preventive. Just like we can mine e-waste for precious metals; we don't. Because recycling, just like renewable energy in the form of solar/wind, is democratic in how scalable it is. I.e. it doesn't allow for the monopolistic agglomeration of resources and thus the established capitalist class won't invest in these new technologies on their own accord.

China wants to be resource independent so they're investing in these new fields, but it will take some time before the fruits of their labour will show (economically viable) results. These technologies are essential if we want to afford everyone the same level of development the West enjoys.