Steam Deck specific changes:

  • Show battery information for connected Bluetooth devices under Settings->Bluetooth and in the Quick Access menu.
  • Added a per-device toggle to Settings->Bluetooth that controls whether a device is allowed to wake SteamDeck from sleep.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the UI to show stale data for Bluetooth devices.
  • Fixed clickable screenshots in the post-game summary and library screenshot section not opening the screenshot dialog to the correct item.
  • The magnifier scale can now be configured in Settings->Display.

This update has replaced 3 different Decky plugins for me: Controller tools (for showing controller battery), BT wake control (for controlling what BLE devices wake the deck), and the Bluetooth plugin (used for quick connections to Bluetooth devices that don’t automatically connect).

The update also has a lot of desktop changes, click through to the article to see them all.