Comment on The Fake Xinjiang Allegations Caused me to Lose my Job & Friends

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That's what sucks about joining western social organizations, they sometimes don't support AES. I'm lucky I joined a marxist party that actually supports China and goes against the Uyghur genocide narrative (and they get blasted for it constantly).

But the thing is, as long as these people don't actively fight against China, they might still be worth a shot. If they really are a communist party with communist vision, good things can be achieved either way. And you might be able to change the POV from the people there. Or if there is another organization that does support China, you might consider joining them (or create one yourself but that's a lot harder).

I know it sounds counterproductive but you can't always have it be perfect 100%. It's important to still organize when possible. If there's a thousand people with the same opinions as you not joining because of this stance, you guys might never find eachother.